by Debbie Millman

Allworth Press, $29.95, 256 pages

Brand Thinking is yet another book from Debbie Millman. Given that she is a branding guru, the reviewer was anticipating a book loaded with action items to enhance or improve all things “brand.” Although this book does have tons of pearls of wisdom, Millman instead chose to interview 20 practitioners on their perspectives, opinions, and occasional rants about what is and is not “brand.” She has collected an impressive group of experts, including Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Tom Peters, to name a few. Some of the opinions were interesting and even conflicted with other opinions. Normally with this type of book, this reviewer would highlight lots of ideas; however, in this case, the reviewer read each interview and concluded that, although opinions are nice, it would have been much more satisfying with concrete examples and action items.

Seniye Groff