by David Richo

Shambhala Publications, $21.95, 210 pages

David Richo offers advice on living with real love and intimacy in his newest book, Daring to Trust. The author of many self-help books, again offers his brand of compassion and guidance, giving his readers the tools to think about their own lives and make better decisions in light of his counsel. He doesn’t condescend to his readers, but rather tries to offer scenarios and appropriate responses that benefit everyone involved and get his readers trusting. Trust is a basic need in life, but so many people have poor trust issues, or bad habits in trusting others.

He explains that most relationship problems base themselves on trust issues and leads the way on an exploration of why many people have problems trusting. He also explains healthy and adult trust versus unrealistic child-like trust and introduces directions trust should take, toward ourselves, toward others, toward life, and toward whatever higher power or spirituality we embrace. He explores the basis of healthy relationships and how it moves us toward emotional well-being.

Axie Barclay