by Robyn Mundy and Nigel Rigby

Kingfisher, $19.99, 64 pages

Sailing, unpredictable weather, mutiny, food shortage, and storms are just some of what a mariner must face. Epic Voyages tells the stories of five of the greatest sea journeys ever attempted. Authors Robyn Mundy and Nigel Ridby both have experiences in ocean adventure. Mundy spends time with emperor penguins in Antarctica. Ridby has authored two books on exploration. The explorers featured are Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, Ernest Shackleton, Thor Heyerdahl, and Francis Chichester. These five men sailed into the unknown to discover what lay out of sight in the vast ocean. Mundy and Rigby include Magellan, Cook, and Shackleton since they charted the world by reading the stars. Geyerdahl and Chichester are more recent but show that epic voyages continue these days.

The book has wonderful photographs, full page maps, and poster size fold-out pages. Primary sources are featured to help readers understand what it takes to be a fearless mariner. The authors include lessons on star navigation and emphasize the importance of map making. Stories of the sailors’ lives and deaths are interspersed between magical photos. This book is perfect for grades 5 and up and would be an excellent resource in school libraries.

Elizabeth “Danger” Franklin