by Brian Tracy

AMACOM, $22.00, 240 pages

Full Engagement reviews Tracy’s philosophy on how to maximize the mental, physical and emotional effort of your employees. He outlines strategies for managers to employ in order to engage their team members. He also reviews the extensive research around human motivation. Tracy gives lots of examples and ties child-rearing similarities to managing people in the workplace. At the end of each chapter he cites several questions for the reader to work through as he develops an action plan to take this book from words to action.

This book is not for the seasoned manager but instead ideal for a new manager very green in their role. Although, some of the advice is common sense, it is good to be reminded at times. Tracy proposes that “the best companies have the best managers.” The reviewer believes that as obvious as some of Tracy’s suggestions are, if managers chose to implement these tactics, employees would probably be more motivated and productive.

Seniye Groff