by Nick Mamatas

Quirk Books, $9.95, 143 pages

Guys, does this problem sound familiar? Someone says a mean comment but you can’t think of the perfect comeback until it is too late? Here is a solution. Carry a little black book filled with killer insults. Editor Nick Mamatas has compiled dozens of them that are meant for every occasion. Topics include insulting someone’s intelligence, appearance, family members, and job performance. Insults Every Man Should Know is also filled with gestures you can use to send your message. In Germany just crook and wiggle your index finger to flip someone the bird. Learn how to offend someone’s wife in Spain, and in North Africa use your left hand (the one used for personal hygiene purposes) if you want to insult someone. There is also a section filled with classic quotes from the likes of Mark Twain, Matt Groening and Foghorn Leghorn. Mamatas also provides commentary and historical context. This type of comedy is not for everyone, but if you enjoy delivering an awesome insult at the perfect time, then this pocket-sized black book is for you.

Elizabeth Franklin