by K.D. McEntire

PYR, $16.95, 324 pages

Sixteen-year-old Wendy has been a Lightbringer – a reaper of lost souls – following a car accident when she was twelve. Put in charge of both the reaping and caring for her two younger siblings due to her mother’s coma and her father’s frequent absences, Wendy spends her nights searching for her mother’s lost soul. Isolated, other than her best friend Eddie, Wendy spends her patrol time alone – until she meets Piotr, a rider of the Never, the in-between world. As Wendy and Piotr grow closer, both of their lives come crashing down around them as they struggle to survive.

Lightbringer is the debut novel of author K.D. McEntire and a good entry into the young adult fantasy genre. She has created a wonderfully complex character in Wendy, who – like most teenagers – is confused, unsure and lonely but plays tough. She also nicely shows Wendy’s realistic reactions as her world becomes more confusing and challenging. The plot has a nice pace throughout and while the big reveal isn’t necessarily surprising, it’s written well. This book will definitely please fans of fantasy and will be eager to read more from the author.

Barbara Cothern