by William Kerr

Medallion Press, $15.95, 372 pages

Just off the coast of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, a German U-Boat rests at the bottom of the ocean. No one knows it is there, until Matt Berkeley and his friend make the discovery while buoying off a sunken barge. In a series of threatening events, Berkeley heads off on an exploratory mission to determine why the U-Boat was never reported missing, and why people are now threatening his life if he doesn’t stay away from it.

Mark of the Devil is full of twists and turns that attempt to leave the reader guessing, but could also send the reader into confusion. With so many different things happening at the same time, this reviewer got lost within the book several times. The author, William Kerr, uses a lot of terminology in regards to treasure hunting and World War II, and this can lose the reader. Readers should be aware that, while an excellent thriller and an adventure that keeps your heart racing, there is potential for the reader to not understand what is happening. This lack of understanding, however, should not keep anyone from reading Mark of the Devil as Kerr does an excellent job detailing the adventure that Matt Berkeley must go on to understand the true importance of the U-Boat.

Melissa Boles