by Mark Siegel

Roaring Brook Press, $16.00, 32 pages

The idea of moving can be scary to children. In Moving House by Mark Siegel, Joey and Chloe’s family is in for a big surprise. The children love their house, and it loves them. But they live in Foggytown, where the fog is so thick that it isn’t safe. They have never seen real stars or blue sky. Mommy and Daddy announce that they are moving. Oh no! Joey and Chloe will miss the spot in the kitchen where they drink their milk and the long hallways perfect for sliding. One night they both wish that their house could come with them. The adventure begins when the house sprouts legs and begins running.

Siegel’s unique watercolor illustration style combines elements from traditional picture books, comics, and animation art. Siegel knows about moving – in his first 16 years, his family relocated 11 times. In this book, the children are given all the power in deciding how the moving process will work. That is every kid’s fantasy! There is a subtle environmental theme, but it works nicely with Siegel’s other themes. This sweet story of home, love, and family will warm the heart of any reader who has felt a true connection to home.

Kathryn Franklin