by Francine Thomas Howard

AmazonEncore, $14.95, 364 pages

Francine Thomas Howard invites the reader to see a side of 1940’s Paris that is lesser known. Paris Noire involves a family from Martinique that immigrated to Paris in 1928.  Marie-Therese Brillard and her children Christophe and Colette are colored immigrants that are trying to find where they fit in war- torn Paris.  Much to Marie-Therese’s dismay, both of her children engage in love affairs with white French citizens.  Even more complicated, Christophe is involved with a married woman (even though he does not know she is married).  Additionally, Marie-Therese meets her own love interest and he is an American returning to San Francisco soon.  Christophe and Marie-Therese are truly tested when faced with a situation that they must resolve. Howard’s book was difficult to get immersed in because the dialogue felt forced.  Once the storyline got more intense, the reviewer grew more interested in the book.  Overall, it was an interesting story of Paris in the 1940’s.

Seniye Groff