by Stanley Weintraub

Da Capo Press, $24.00, 224 pages

The 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant periods of time in American History. Few realize that Christmas 1941 came only a mere two weeks after the devastating attack. Military historian and author Stanley Weintraub tells the story of December 1941 in Pearl Harbor Christmas. He captures what it was like to live through one of the most infamous holiday seasons in American history. Weintraub recounts the tale day-by-day (the last ten days of 1941 and New Year’s Day of 1942).

Beginning with the opening prelude of the book, it is clear that Weintraub has done his research. The author’s sources include quotes from memoirs, telegrams, drafts of letters (sent and unsent), annotated minutes from meetings and press conferences, and news clippings. Weintraub’s writing style is a bit wordy. Missing are photographs of the major players or the Pearl Harbor attack, or anything that would lend more visual interest to the story. Weintraub is very detail oriented. This is a positive for history fans, but can be a challenge to get through for readers perusing for pleasure. History buffs will see this as a treasured addition to their library.

Kathryn Franklin