By William Gilkerson, Shambhala Publications, 364 pages

Pirate’s Passage by William Gilkerson is a novel to be treasured. It’s not hard to see why it’s the recipient of two literary awards.

Having just recently read Treasure Island for the first time, I thought a truer, more adventurous pirate tale would be hard to come by. Luckily, I was wrong! A young chap, appropriately named Jim, befriends an old sea captain literally blown in to town. A mutual love of sailing brings them together for a school assignment requiring Jim to research pirate history. The Captain’s infinite pirate knowledge, strange way of winning over the whole town and seemingly endless supply of silver pieces makes you wonder if he’s not completely who he claims to be. Jim gets put to the test when the Captain takes him on his own adventure, and you realize just how important and misunderstood pirates are.

Gilkerson has written a novel packed full of interesting facts, intriguing characters and a terrific storyline. Highly recommended for anyone looking to be swept away by a great adventure!

Bronwyn Barrick