By Suzanne Jauchius, Bree Noa Publishing Co, $15.00, 319 pages

Portland author Suzanne Jauchius’ inspiring story began as a journal that she intended to privately share with her children and grandchildren. It turned into something much more meaningful and revealing along the way. You Know Your Way Home is one woman’s memoir about a life filled with psychic experiences, troubling relationships and self-discovery.

“It’s not normal.” Those three words defined a majority of Suzanne’s life. As a young girl, her first vision was of her sister’s bed catching on fire. Upon sharing this with her parents, she was belittled and made to feel worthless. Growing up, her relationships were primarily negative. They included an abusive mother, a financial con artist boyfriend, a mentally troubled sister, and an alcoholic spouse. Jauchius’ life became about damage control. As she experienced supreme sadness and grief, despair came to define her. By her mid-40s, Suzanne was on her fifth husband and began questioning her own judgment.

The first half of the book is quite tragic. Readers will meet new people in the author’s life, most of whom are detrimental to her happiness. However, once Jauchius seeks therapy, she begins to feel empowered. Some of the most interesting sections of the book are Jauchius’ descriptions of the psychic events she experienced and her work with the families and rescue teams searching for missing people.

This is as much a book about breaking a pattern of addiction as it is about a woman’s psychic journey. It is always nice to read a story about personal triumph and hope, especially around the holidays. Jauchius is an instantly likable woman and many readers will feel a strong connection to her and will identify strongly with much of her life story, struggles, and successes. Read this book if you are looking for a motivational, inspirational story that incorporates a fascinating subject (psychic abilities) with a local Portland flavor.

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