by Sherryl Woods

Mira, $16.95, 288 pages

When Laila Riley began dating Matthew O’Brien, she never imagined that her world would be turned upside down! He cost Laila her career in her father’s banking business, and her parents’ respect, so she broke things off with him. Now it is Christmastime and Laila has been invited to visit Ireland with the O’Brien clan which includes some of her favorite friends. If Laila goes, she’ll surely run into Matthew (whom she still secretly loves). If she stays home, she’ll be alone for the holidays. Dublin is starting to look enticing and Laila deserves a vacation. Bestselling author Sherryl Woods brings readers a new Chesapeake Shores novel, An O’Brien Family Christmas.

Readers just joining the series will feel caught up by the end of the second chapter. Woods’ writing style is upbeat and fun, perfect for a romantic holiday story. Nell O’Brien, the matriarch of the clan, considers Laila to be part of the family. Nell wants to see someone walk down the aisle by the end of the Ireland trip. When Nell runs into her first love, sparks fly. Will she take a chance on an unexpected romance and follow her heart, despite the risks? Love is in the air during an Irish Christmas?

Kathryn Franklin