by Jane Yolen

by Candlewick Press, 14.99, 32 pages

Parents are always looking for new ways to help their little ones fall asleep. Whether it is a song or a story, the right activity can help make bedtime a positive experience. Caldecott medal winner Jan Yolen has written what may become your child’s next favorite goodnight story. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters: A Lullaby follows two little monsters through their busy day. The book begins at the end of a school day and the youngsters just can’t wait to get home. Moms and dads pick up their kids while some monsters walk home, just like human kids. No monster walk home can be simple. “Monsters run, monsters stumble, monsters hip-hop, monsters tumble.” Kelly Murphy’s illustrations are whimsical and fun. They are rich with details. Can your child find the tiny monsters hidden in the trees? How about the eyeballs in the bushes? Murphy’s use of oil, acrylic, and gel medium make the pages come alive. Dinner is Tentacle Surprise seasoned with Spicy Claws and Eye of Newt! Kids ages 3-5 will love these little creatures. Just wait until they find out what makes the monsters fall asleep! Need a hint? It involves a lot of burping! Goodnight little monsters!

Elizabeth Franklin