By Bruce Weinstein, PhD, New World Library, 256 pages

“To be fully human, it’s not enough to have emotional intelligence. We need ethical intelligence, too.”

In a world of claw-your-way-to-the-top-at-all-costs mentality, it’s time for a paradigm shift for a better humanity, a clearer conscience in a healthy society. Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Solving Your Toughest Problems at Work and Beyond offers alternatives to difficult ethical situations by calibrating your ethical choices. It begins with a short ethical quiz in the first chapter and then builds on that by discussing at length, ethical intelligence as a guide to better living. The principles are so basic, one might say “Duh” at first glance, but author Bruce Weinstein presents everyday examples with such clarity, using movies and literary references to bring his points home, that it makes one ponder the validity of one’s own ethical level of knowledge. Weinstein is smartly consistent in his use of the five principles in each scenario he presents, but gives multiple sides of each argument. This adds a deeper level of credibility since life’s situations are almost never black and white; right versus wrong. “Even if you don’t end up changing your mind, listening nonjudgmentally to those with different points of view is a sign of maturity and good character.” You don’t have to be, or have been, in an ethical dilemma to appreciate what this book has to offer. You just have to be alive and not a hermit!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,