by Cindy De La Hoz

Barron’s Educational Series, Inc, $29.99, 104 pages

My own personal, unscientific study has concluded that one of the most memorable movie icons of the past is Marilyn Monroe. Her life has been the topic of many books but none of them have come close to sharing the kind of intimate details that Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives does. Author Cindy De La Hoz has brought never before seen pictures and very authentic looking replicas of personal documents from Monroe’s life into this beautiful collection. There are copies of checks, storyboard drawings, and a personal script with her notes written on the sides. These documents, along with a well-written biography, provide a glimpse of Monroe’s personal life.

I have read several Marilyn Monroe books over the years and while the stories have all been the same, Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives provides that little something extra. What really sets this book apart is the inclusion of personal items of Monroe’s. The only negative to this book is it is very large and heavy. It is a great collector’s item but the size made it harder to read in a comfortable position. I highly recommend this book for die-hard Marilyn Monroe fans who want to see another side of the original blonde bombshell.

Nicole Will