by Lian Tanner

Yearling, $7.99, 312 pages

In the city of Jewel, children are literally chained to an adult until they become of age. Separation Day celebrates the breaking of the link and represents a step towards adulthood. Goldie Roth cannot wait to be free from her parents and the Blessed Guardians. But the ceremony is cut short when news of a deadly bombing is announced. So begins Museum of Thieves, book one in the Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner.

In the midst of chaos, Goldie runs away. Looking for a place to hide, she stumbles into the Museum of Dunt, a peculiar place run by a peculiar staff. Goldie finds and endless amount of rooms that won’t stay in one place, extinct animals, and another runaway named Toadspit. She learns that very few people can control the magic inside this building. Is Goldie one of the chosen few?

Young readers will identify with Goldie and Toadspit’s desire to grow up and experience a unique world filled with fearsome creatures and the Blessed Guardians who are relentlessly searching for Goldie. Girls and boys will enjoy the magical adventures and mysteries uncovered by Goldie and her new friends.

Elizabeth Franklin