by Kimberly “Momma” Reiner & Jenna Sanz-Agero

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $29.99, 292 pages

Are you on a sugar high after the holidays? Or are you craving sugar now that the days of cookies and pies have passed us? Fear not sugar lovers! The “Sugar Mommas” are on a mission to make sure sugar recipes stay available to everyone, all the time, in their new cookbook, Sugar, Sugar: Every Recipe Has a Story. Kimberly Reiner and Jenna Sanz-Agero (the Sugar Mommas) have added an interesting twist to their cookbook which makes it unique. As the title mentions, every recipe has a story and these stories breathe life into each instruction. Many stories tell of past generations making the same sugary creations that cooks make today. The Sugar Mommas have captured the magic behind the recipes included in the cookbook.

Begin by reading a section on equipment and techniques. Then comes the good stuff; the rest of the book is filled with recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, bars, truffles, cobblers, brittle, and other mouthwatering sugary confections. The photographs are guaranteed to get you salivating. On top of all this deliciousness are the nostalgic stories collected by the Sugar Mommas. The heartwarming words encourage reminiscing and cooking with sugar!

Elizabeth Franklin