by Nathaniel Fludd

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, $14.99, 154 pages

Unless we get really lucky, you and I will never meet a unicorn. Nathaniel Fludd does not have to miss out though. He is the world’s youngest Beastologist. His duties include traveling to exotic places and meeting bests of all shapes and sizes. Read all about his exciting life in The Unicorn’s Tale, the newest addition to the Beastologist series. Author R.L. LaFevers ramps up the action and adventure. You’ll get to know new creatures including a unicorn and a shy river dragon with beautiful eyelashes. Cornelius, the dodo bird, and Greasle, the tiny gremlin, are back. Read the prior books to find out how Nate met his pint-sized sidekick. This book is filled with great imagery, exciting creatures, creative dialogue, and an engaging plot.

Kelly Murphy’s black and white illustrations are charming and add the perfect amount of magic to the story. The series is perfect for chapter book readers and fans of the fantasy genre. The main character is a young boy who will appeal to boys. It’s too bad Beastology 101 isn’t offered in school. So many kids would sign up!

Elizabeth Franklin