by Joe Amaral

FaithWords, $13.99, 192 pages

Sometimes it helps to take a look back and see what the Scriptures were really trying to say. Understanding Jesus: Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ is an incredible look at the prophecies relative to Jesus, as well as what they would have meant to the people at the time. It explores the symbolism inherent to the various prophecies, especially in terms of the Passover, which especially fits as Jesus was meant to be the ultimate sacrificial lamb.

This is great book for those that are exploring the prophecies of the Old Testament as they apply to life and times of Jesus Christ. There is a lot of historical research here, as well as a fascinating look at how people lived and the importance of the Old Testament. The one major strike is that there is a lot of roughness to the writing style; it needs a little polishing here and there. Nonetheless, for those looking to get a better picture of the life and times of Jesus, and how His life fit into the lives of the Jewish people, this is a great book.

Jamais Jochim