by Stina Leicht

Night Shade Books, $14.099, 384 pages

Things have not been good for Liam Kelly recently – he lost his wife, a good friend, he’s wanted for his participation in the IRA and discovered that he was half-Fae. Trying to find his place in both worlds and dealing with his significant (and lethal) personal demons, Liam agrees to undergo testing by the church’s special unit in the hopes of securing a cease-fire between the church and the Fae. Things take a turn for the worse when the church’s staff is infected by demons and Liam finds himself running again.

and Blue Skies from Pain is an outstanding novel that is written with a subtle complexity that is refreshing in the fantasy genre. While the overall story is set during the time of upheaval and conflict in Ireland in the seventies, the focus of the story is on the characters themselves, primarily Liam Kelly and the priest, Father Murray, an ally attempting to broker peace between the church and fae. Liam, in particular, undergoes a fascinating transition from a boy running scared to courageous man willing to stand up for what he believes in. This is a book every fantasy fan should read.

Barbara Cothern