by David A. Koop

Someday Group, $24.95, 187 pages

Cancer as a blessing – who knew? After a divorce and custody fight for his only child, David Koop fought the real battle – one his life depended on. Doctors told Koop to get his affairs in order because the race was almost over, and it was not going to be a smooth finish.

But Koop was not giving in. He had waited a long time to be a dad, and a cancerous mass at the base of his spine was just an obstacle, not a life sentence. Cancer: It’s a Good Thing I Got It! is not only Koop’s story of his cancer, but also the introspection which healed emotional wounds that were as real as cancer. Koop started to see the positive aspects of his illness, rather than the panic that sought to steal what moments he had left.

Koop instructs friends and family of cancer victims how to treat those who have cancer, what cancer victims need to hear, and how to give them support. He writes about dealing with pain – chronic, unbearable physical pain – and depression. This book is honest and inspiring, and the author doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of chemotherapy or his surgeries. However, the timeline of events is difficult to follow at times, and parts of the story seem to relate closer to his battle with cancer than other parts.

Sheli Ellsworth