by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99, 128 pages

Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, creators of the popular comic strip Baby Blues, candidly and humorously portray life in a suburban household with five unique, hilarious family members. Readers will identify with the daily drama captured in each panel. Whether the theme is the joys of parenting or the trials and tribulations of growing up, laughter is guaranteed.

Mom Wanda traded working full time as a public relations executive to working full time as a mother of three. Dad Daryl is still madly in love with his wife after 11 years of marriage and loves being a dad. Zoe, the oldest child, would like to be a cheerleader/vet/doctor/ballerina when she grows up. She relishes her role as head boss and rule enforcer. Second child Hammie love trucks and reporting anything Zoe does wrong to Mom and Dad. Baby Wren completes the MacPherson household. She enjoys crawling, climbing and grabbing. Baby Blues appears in more than 1,200 newspapers and 20 periodicals. Let the MacPherson family entertain you. Eat, Cry, Poop serves as a fantastically funny gift for new parents, fans of the comic strip, and anyone looking to put a smile on their face.

Elizabeth Franklin