By Karen McCall

New World Library, 272 pages

Karen McCall has more than twenty years of experience providing financial counseling to people of all economic backgrounds on their relationships with money. She now brings this experience to life with her newest book Financial Recovery. In it she details how to create new healthy relationships with money so people can be free to live their lives as they wish without being bogged down by financial stress and living disconnected from their finances and often in desperate economic circumstances. McCall takes readers through every step of the way toward financial recovery. She explains why financial crash diets do not work, how one’s relationship with money affects one’s relationships with family and friends and how important it is to know the difference between one’s needs and one’s wants. McCall covers debt and career choices that impact financial security. This book is best for people who are making enough money but not managing it well, but is suitable for people of all economic levels. Includes index and exercises to work through. A useful tool for readers struggling for a firm, healthy relationship with their financial situation.

Catherine McMullen