By Syndey Eddison, Timber Press, Inc., 208 pages

-Make the Most of What You Have-

“I am getting old, and that’s why I am writing this book – to blaze a trail for other gardeners…to show them that there is a way to continue gardening into a ripe old age.”

With age comes the realization that once simple tasks become more difficult to complete. The process of slowing down creeps into most aspects of life. Consider gardening. Imagine having taken care of a piece of land for decades. As the land matures, so does the gardener, and maturity requires the gardener make choices. How can one enjoy the act of gardening while simultaneously respecting the body’s limitations? Sydney Eddison’s latest book is Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older. Eddison is an award-winning writer, gardener and lecturer.

In her book she gives examples of ways to continue gardening as you age. Her writing is hopeful and poetic. She talks about certain plants like they are longtime friends. Her book is organized into chapters that offer tips for wiser gardening. For example, Eddison suggests changing perennial flower borders to shrub borders, which require less upkeep but are still pleasing to the eye. Each chapter ends with “Gleanings,” where Eddison sums up her words of wisdom. Knowledge of plant names and horticulture would help, but it is not necessary. Eddison’s message of accepting change and letting go of impossible expectations is an important lesson from which everyone can benefit.

Elizabeth Franklin