by Cindy A. Littlefield

Storey Publishing, $12.95, 88 pages

Did you enjoy making paper dolls and designing their clothes? Do you think your daughter would too? And why stick to paper dolls? Think outside the box. That is what author and artist Cindy A. Littlefield did. She took the idea of paper dolls and ran with it….right to the most beautiful horse stable in town. Now fans of horses, arts and crafts, and painting can make a stable of their own filled with handmade horses. The only thing needed is paint, a paint brush, and Littlefield’s book Pop-Out and Paint Horse Breeds. Make any horse you’ve dreamed of owning. You will be introduced to each breed and learn about their history. You will get pointers on what paint colors best portray each specific horse. Littlefield suggests ways to add charm to your stable. Learn to make halters, lead ropes, jumps, and award ribbons.

Each book has basic cut-outs for ten horses. You’ll choose the breed to decorate and then paint it. A shading and highlighting guide helps, as do the tips on manes and tails. And the big project to tackle is building a table top stable. Have fun and enjoy letting your creativity flow.

Elizabeth Franklin