By Henry Gilbey, DK Publishing, 352 pages – Everything Your Father Wanted You To Know About Fishing –

When it comes to something with a lot of information, a nice reference book can be great. The Complete Fishing Manual is a one-stop reference manual for anyone with any kind of interest in fishing. It covers basic terms and equipment, how to cast lines and tie basic knots, and even some great spots for fishing. There are also illustrations and pictures of the most common fish one will find.

The one problem with this book is that it essentially skims over a lot of detailed information. That is, although it has some great basic casts, you are unlikely to find information on more advanced casting. However, for what it does cover, it covers those topics reasonably well; you should be able to buy a rod, reel, and line for whatever you are fishing for. The illustrations are very nicely detailed, and the pictures are gorgeous. For someone looking for good general information on fishing, this is a great first book.

Jamais Jochim