By K.J. Taylor, Ace, 367 pages

Tales of griffins are fashionably the new black in the science-fiction genre and The Fallen Moon Trilogy will not disappoint those fast-growing number of fans. The first book in the saga; The Dark Griffin creates a whole new world of those large eagle/lion hybrids, and their need to own their own human for survival.

Our protagonist, Arren is an out-cast Northerner who also by chance, (or is it by fate?) happens to be a Griffiner. After an awkward incident with Arren and his griffin, Eluna, Rannigon, the Master of Law, secretly sends he and his griffin on a perilous journey to capture and kill a rogue griffin that has been killing livestock in a neighboring town. They set off alone to hunt and kill this menace only to have their lives changed dramatically for the worse. Non-stop devastation and tragedy keeps readers cheering for Arren. Yet, clever chapter twists lure readers into a sympathetic lull for the title namesake.

Young, yet talented author; K.J. Taylor surprisingly weaves an intricate tale, appealing to the senses in a wholly-transporting way.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,