By Solvi Dos Santos

Thames & Hudson, 256 pages

-Cheers to These Estates!-

You may have tasted many wines and have considered yourself an expert. But few have seen the insides of the generations-old wine estates of the French countryside. Now Solvi Dos Santos, one of the world’s foremost design photographers, takes you to the heart of the wine business in The Great Family Wine Estates of France. Solvi Dos Santos explores the wine estates of France that have, until now, remained unknown to the public. You may recognize the labels but do you know about the families behind them? Do you wonder what other treasures these “vineyards” hold? The almost 300 color illustrations make this a book you will want to read and display for others to enjoy.

Browse through the pages at your own pace or start your journey at Chateau de Tracy, an estate in the Loire Valley and jump to Domaine de l’Oratoire Saint Martin of the Rhone Valley. Your course is up to you. Explore these beautiful houses and experience French culture at its finest. Consult the Directory for contact information for the Chateaus and estates mentioned. The next time you sip your favorite vintage, think of the estates from which they came. Cheers!

Elizabeth Franklin