By Adam Rubin, Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, Clarion Books, 32 pages

-Beware of the Cat Who Gives Wet Willies-

If you are looking for a great children’s book, consider Adam Rubin’s newest book, Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door. Rubin, a New York writer and actor, has written a funny sequel to his hit Those Darn Squirrels!. This time Muffin, the frisky feline, is on the scene. He doesn’t like rodents in his backyard. Grumpy Old Man Fookwire is back and he hates the squirrels almost as much as Muffin. Can they rid the neighborhood of the furry rodents once and for all? Will Mr. Fookwire be able to finally bird watch and paint in peace? The only thing he can think to do to scare the squirrels is shake his old man fist at them, but that doesn’t work. Muffin has other tricks up his sleeve. He grabs hold of one and gives him a wet willy and a noogie. He ties two squirrels’ tails together. Kids will love it when he gives all the rodents wedgies (which is “not an easy thing to do because generally squirrels do not wear underpants”). The hilarious illustrations by Daniel Salmieri are fun and quirky. Add this book to your child’s collection.

Elizabeth Franklin