By William Powers, New World Library, 278 pages

-Don’t Do. Be.-

If your house wasn’t much bigger than an average bedroom, what could you live without? Imagine the silence of living without the hum of electricity; the darkness without artificial light. William Powers shares his self-sufficiency experience of property sitting a 12×12 cabin and perma-culture garden in rural North Carolina. He challenges himself, and the reader, to consider their local and global environmental footprint. Twelve by Twelve: A One-Room Cabin Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream is much more than a memoir or self-sufficiency tale. The lifestyle choice is both a political and spiritual statement courtesy of a physician that walks the talk of her beliefs. Her spirit shines through the pages as a mentor for both the author and the reader. The cabin and surrounding countryside serve as the framework for this well written book, yet the story delves into many deeper topics surrounding a multitude of issues ranging from spirituality to corporate globalism. The reach of issues seems random at times, but overall the book is inspiring and engaging. The essence of the story stays with the reader long after the final page.

Julie Finley