By Father Paul A. Keenan, iUniverse, 126 pages – Survivors Guide: Grieving the Loss of a Pet –

Pets hold a special place in our lives and hearts and their deaths, whether untimely or expected, can be devastating. Fortunately for pet-lovers, Father Paul Keenan, a grace-filled man acquainted with grief after losing many beloved pets over his lifetime, has written a wonderful book to help individuals deal with the death of a pet companion. In his book, Why We Love Them So, Father Paul takes the reader on a soulful journey from loss to recovery in seven stages. Filled with much wisdom and insight, this book gently guides the reader through the difficult and painful process of grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Father Paul began writing this book after the loss of his treasured Teddy, a cat who he had the pleasure of living with for 23 years. The book contains many enjoyable stories about his pets and the pets of some of his closest friends who’ve had lasting impact on his life through their legacy of love. Also included is a directory of several helpful hotlines and websites that provide bereavement support for those who’ve recently lost a pet. This book is a comforting read and a great resource for all pet owners and lovers.

Kimberly Logan-Elwell