by Ginger Churchill, Illustrated by Nicole Wong

Tanglewood Publishing, $15.95, 32 pages

Rose’s grandmother wants to teach Rose how to weave a rug, but Rose is too busy playing outside, dodging raindrops. So begins Wild Rose’s Weaving by Ginger Churchill. When Rose finally comes inside, she sees that her grandmother has woven elements of nature into a beautiful rug. Rose is inspired and wants to make her own rug. Readers will share in Rose’s joy as she creates a masterpiece. Nicole Wong’s illustrations portray the beauty of Rose’s life and relationship with her grandmother. Rose learns that it is important to spend time with her grandmother. Members of older generations have unique stories and lessons to share with those willing to listen.

The art of weaving dates back centuries. There is evidence of weaving in prehistoric Mesopotamia, China, Switzerland and Peru! Today there are weavers like Rose and her grandmother all over the world. After reading the book, parents and teachers can encourage children to brainstorm uses for woven items (such as blankets, bags, fabric and carpets). Kids may even want to try weaving for themselves! If this is the case, the author provides a link to her website where she features instructions on how to make a very simple loom.

Kathryn Franklin