By Ruth Rogers Clausen
Timber Press, Inc, $19.95, 225 pages

When people work so hard on creating, planting, and maintaining their gardens, the last thing they want to see is a deer making lunch out of blooming flowers! In 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants, author and garden expert Ruth Rogers Clausen has chosen to feature 50 stunning (and least palatable) annuals, bulbs, ferns, grasses, herbs, perennials, and shrubs. This informative guide advises readers on how to grow a deer-resistant garden without resorting to fences, barriers, and toxic repellents. Whether due to natural poisonous compounds, fuzzy or aromatic leaves, or tough, spiny, or bristly textures, deer do not find the included plants to be edible. Arranged alphabetically, each entry has interesting historical and scientific facts, advice on how to grow the plant, and design tops to help fit the plant aesthetically into the garden. Photographer Alan L. Detrick captures amazing images of each of the 50 plants. Gardeners will enjoy the inspirational images just as much as the text. Clausen’s writing style is clear, concise, and informative. She balances how-to advice with design element suggestions. Finally enjoy a gorgeous garden without fear of deer.

Kathryn Franklin

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