By Audrey Penn, Illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson
Tanglewood Publishing, $7.95, 18 pages

Babies love board books. They are easy for little fingers to hold, they do not fall apart when subjected to slobbery gums, and they are fun for parents and early readers to share together. Audrey Penn’s book A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon is a creative new board book perfect for nighttime story sessions.

Chester Raccoon is getting ready for bed as the sun comes up, and his mother wishes him sweet dreams. But Chester is worried. He imagines that the spot of sun shining on the floor of his tree trunk bedroom is a creeping crocodile. Chester covers his eyes. The sunlit shadows look like six-foot spiders in saggy pants. Chester is surprised when the shadow of a big bear shines on the tree house wall. Mother Raccoon works to reassure Chester that the rays of sun are not to fear.

Written in rhyming verse, this fun book introduces children to the sleep cycle of nocturnal animals and provides them with a sweet raccoon story to enjoy. Illustrator Barbara L. Gibson creates magic out of sunbeams. Discover what sweet dreams Chester has after his mom kisses his paws and sends him to sleep in the sunny afternoon.

Elizabeth Franklin

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