A Book of Miracles Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love


Many positive reviews

By Dr. Bernie S. Siegel
New World Library, $19.95, 312 pages

As one contributor wrote in A Book of Miracles, one has to be living in a cave if they haven’t heard of Dr. Bernie S. Siegel. Well, this reviewer must admit that it is her first experience with his teachings, but it will definitely not be the last. What makes this book special is not only the stories submitted by “A Motley Crew of Angels” (as one story is entitled), but also the personal reflections that Bernie (as the author prefers to be called) makes throughout the 15 chapters. We learn that chance occurrences, and what we may see as disappointments or disasters, often lead our lives in the direction we should have been heading in the first place. If we are open and receptive, having found “a sense of harmony and inner peace,” there is no reason not to expect miracles.

There is a cat named Harry, not unlike Dewey the famous library cat, but his tail is different. He was devoted to Frances, a little girl prone to dressing him up like a paper doll. Read about their miracle in “The Child Whisperer.”  In “Not a Sparrow Falls,” Cindy Hurn shows that even the most fragile creatures of God, such as an “hours-old incubator chick” can have a hunger for life even bigger than the circumference of its wide-open beak. Then there is “All in God’s Time: Rich Eldredge’s Story” – a love story, that is.

But the most heartfelt miracle comes from the mama of a little four-year-old girl named Amber. Patti DiMiceli poignantly shares in “The Miracle of Change” how, through their struggles with her daughter’s cancer, children truly can be God’s messengers. If for only this story, and this story alone, read this book.

Kathleen Godwin

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