By Philip Reeve
Scholastic Press, $17.99, 290 pages

Fever Crumb is an engineer from London – a futuristic London, one hundreds or thousands of years from now. The world has changed following some worldwide destruction where technology is shunned or lost. There are myths of the ‘ancients’ having flown to the moon and some still understand the secrets of electricity. Fever Crumb is one of the latter and she puts this knowledge to use in the traveling lyceum. When the theatre stops in Mayda, she encounters Arlo Thursday, a recluse trying to discover the secrets of flight. Fever joins him in this effort, and is quickly drawn into a web of government spies and mob thugs.

Although I had not read the first book in the series, I felt author Philip Reeve included enough information to push the story ahead. I look forward to going back and reading Fever Crumb. Readers will enjoy the occasional play on words and the vocabulary will hook solid readers. The story is well-crafted, drawing readers in with its mystery and subplots.

Reviewed by Lisa Ard

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