By Lori Ries
Charlesbridge Press, $12.95, 32 pages

Aggie Gets Lost is a great children’s book on many levels. It’s longer than the standard children’s picture book, but broken into sections (not exactly chapters, but close to it) for easy readability. Aggie, by the way, is a dog that belongs to a little boy. Aggie gets lost in the park, and try as he might, the little boy can’t find her. He spends a restless night wondering what became of her. The next day, the entire family goes back to the park to look for her. At first, they have no luck at all, until the little boy happens to find Mr. Thomas in the park. Mr. Thomas is blind, but teaches the boy to use his other senses to look for Aggie. There are a myriad of lessons this book teaches, while still being interesting and fun. Parents might enjoy it as much as the children do. The art is unique -akin to what a child might draw, but better than that. This little book made me smile and laugh, these days that alone is valuable. Aggie Gets Lost is well written and well made, definitely a keeper. Get it today; you won’t be sorry.

“Aggie is not on my bed. She is not under my bed. I look out the window. ‘Where are you Aggie?’ I whisper. I see a wishing star. I wish hard. ‘I wish Aggie was not lost!'”

Reviewed by David Broughton,

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