By Hilarie N. Staton
Kingfisher, $9.99, 32 pages

Life in America during the 1800s was wild and exciting. Travel to the heart of the American West where the open range is filled with buffalo and cowboys. Hilarie N. Staton, in her book Cowboys and the Wild West, presents the story in double-page articles addressing various topics, including how the Spanish pioneers herded cattle from Mexico to Texas to set up ranches, how cowboys worked, lived, and played, and how the railroad transported cattle by the thousands. Boys and girls will feel like they are in a museum, studying actual items from the period. Close-up photos of a cowboy’s spurs, saddle, and hat bring history alive. Learn what happens during a deadly cattle stampede. Read about Annie Oakley who competed in shooting contests and traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Books in the All About America series feature original artwork from the era, including maps, paintings, engravings, photographs, and artistic portrayal of the time. Parents and teachers will appreciate the timeline and glossary of new terms. The past has left a fascinating legacy and readers will dive into the history of the Wild West.

Kathryn Franklin

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