No AAA Tows Back Then

By Ellen H. Todras
Kingfisher, $9.99, 32 pages

The best way to learn about history is by studying primary sources – items preserved from the actual time period. The All About America series allows readers to be a part of history in action. In the mid-1800s, thousands of eastern Americans gave up their lives to travel westward in search of a dream. They settled in what are now the states of California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Read about the routes travelers took, the wagons they rode in, the hardships they faced, and the homes they built when they arrived. Paintings, engravings, and artists’ impressions of the era make history come alive for young readers. Ellen H. Todras captures the adventurous spirit of the pioneers in Wagon Trains and Settlers. One fascinating section describes how travelers packed their wagons to survive a six month journey of thousands of miles. Todras’ writing styles is descriptive and kid-friendly. Readers of any age will enjoy the illustrations, photographs of real artifacts from the time, and fun facts and trivia about a pioneers’ life in the 19th century. The book feels more like a scrapbook than a history book due to the nice mixture of text and visual information.

Kathryn Franklin

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