By Richard Harlan Miller
Gray Dog Press, $15.95, 263 pages

In this era of vampire mania, another book with undead characters may seem like overkill. But Richard Harlan Miller’s book All You Can Eat is a far from average addition to the vampire-fiction genre. Readers will not find any cloaks, no menaced teenagers, and no “v-word”. Vamps do not like to use “vampire” due to the negative connotation it has gained over time. Rather, they have “the gift.”

Darius lives in downtown Spokane, a block away from Riverfront Park. He has spent years fine tuning his unique philosophy of existence. He uses online dating sites to meet women from Seattle and when his thirst for blood becomes too difficult to deal with, he kills them to satisfy his hunger. Darius’ life is normal (for someone with “the gift”), until he meets Susan. He is hopelessly and irresistibly drawn to her. But when Darius gets an invitation to a counter-culture festival in Montana, he and Susan will soon be at the mercy of Dimitri, an old and powerful “gifted” one with his own twisted philosophy of existence. Miller uses a mix of present day narrative and flashbacks to create a suspenseful and refreshing thriller.

Kathryn Franklin

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