By Beth Harbison
St. Martin’s Press, $25.99, 358 pages

Beth Harbison’s Always Something There to Remind Me asks the question “can first love be your one and only true love?”  Erin and Nate have an intensely emotional and physical relationship in high school.  Suddenly, after two years, Nate breaks off the relationship and won’t talk to Erin.  For the next 23 years Erin has other relationships, and even a daughter, but never is able to make the “connection” with another person similar to what she had with Nate. When Erin’s current boyfriend asks to marry her, Erin is finally forced to face the past and figure out how she is going to move forward.

Harbison’s novel feels so real, that the reviewer found herself reminiscing on her high school romance. The dialogue is believable, the emotions are raw. This book really makes the reader think about their own past and possibly reconnecting with the various people they have met over the years.

Seniye Groff

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