By Kristine Kathryn Rusch
PYR, $16.00, 302 pages

Five years have passed since Boss and her salvage team encountered the dignity vessel The Ivoire and her crew, lost from their fleet and from their own time. Since then, the teams have worked together to search for answers about what happened to the fleet and their stealth technology. When a former member of her team, Squishy is arrested after infiltrating and blowing up a government base’s stealth technology research, Boss and Coop (the captain of The Ivoire) must decide whether to go in after her. Doing so would be a direct act of war against the Empire but, doing nothing may be worse.

Boneyards is the fascinating continuation of the story of Boss, her team and the fleet crew. The author handles the multi-faceted story nicely – a good portion of the book is told from Squishy’s point of view using flashbacks to fill in the gaps about her history and reasons for her actions. The other parts show Boss and Coop’s team and their struggle to work together while having different goals and The Ivoire’s crew’s ongoing adjustment to being thrust five thousand years into the future and losing everything they’ve known. This book shouldn’t be missed.

Barbara Cothern

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