By Joseph Finder
Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, 390 pages

Buried Secrets is a mesmerizing adventure that takes you on a wild ride with non-stop action. It is written by Joseph Finder, a New York Times bestselling author who has the ability to make the reader feel right there with the hero. The sharply crafted suspense and heart-pounding action make this thriller an enormous success. The story begins with a teenaged girl being kidnapped and trapped in a coffin ten feet underground. Her father asks a family friend, Nick Heller, to help get her safely back. Nick, who has his own company as a “private spy” is soon embroiled in a mystery involving national military secrets, foreign operatives, and huge amounts of missing money.

As Nick follows the leads, he enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend, FBI agent Diana Madigan, who is reluctantly drawn into the mystery of who is holding the girl captive and why. Together they discover that the father has been lying to them and withholding information. The trail leads to powerful people in several countries, who will kill to protect their identities. But Nick is determined to find the girl before it’s too late. When the story detours into accounts of hidden government funds and overseas financial finagling it becomes a bit confusing. Still, overall, it is a book of vivid descriptions and riveting peril that will leave the reader more than satisfied.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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