By Miranda Kenneally
Sourcebooks, $8.99, 284 pages

In Miranda Kenneally’s first young adult novel, seventeen year old Jordan Woods is the quarterback and senior captain of her all-state football team in Franklin, Tennessee — the heart of football country. Over six feet tall, with muscles to boot, Jordan’s always been regarded as “one of the guys” despite her beauty. She talks like a dude, dresses like a dude, and hits like a dude.

Jordan dreams of playing football at the University of Alabama and of being the first woman in the NFL. To her, boys are teammates and pals, nothing more, until Tyler “Ty” Green moves to town. Ty is also a senior and an all-state QB, not to mention gorgeous. With Ty on the team, it gets more difficult to keep her focus on football.

“who ever knew that throwing a perfect spiral would be simple compared to dealing with guys?”

Will coach let Ty have her spot because he’s a guy? Why is her father, the starting QB for the Tennessee Titans, more willing to help Ty than her? Will she ever see playing time at Alabama or will she be recruited as a poster girl? Not only does Jordan face the highs and lows of first love but if she is to achieve her dreams she must learn to negotiate the difficulties of being a woman who pioneers and succeeds in an all-male sport.

Emily Davis

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