By Charlee Ganny, Nicola Slater
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $6.99, 138 pages

You do not want to meet this dog alone in an alleyway. Pace is big, bad and fierce and is prepared to do anything to find his missing lady love. One thing he has to do is use lots of imagination. Paco isn’t big, bad or fierce. The truth is that he is a very small, very cute Chihuahua. Meet this diminutive hero in Charlee Ganny’s Chihuawolf: A Tail of Mystery and Horror. What Paco lacks in size he makes up for in determination and creativity. He knows that to get Olivia back, he must become a fearsome and dreaded werewolf. Chihuawolf is Ganny’s first book for children and she deserves two paws up. How will Paco’s plan work when a real werewolf show up? Maybe they can work together to save Olivia. Or will it be Paco that needs saving? Nicola Slater’s black and white illustrations add the perfect bit of visual magic to allow readers to picture Paco’s world. The dialogue between Paco and his friends is genuine and very funny. Readers will relate to issues that surface in all friendships. We can all benefit from the lesson that friends stick together.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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