By Fiona Ross
Candlewick Press, $15.99, 32 pages

Milly Moo is a cow who dreams of only one thing. She would love to churn out the finest, loveliest, tastiest, creamiest milk. But she’s too hot! The other cows on the farm are enjoying the warm sun and the farmer is proud of their milk production. They make fun of Milly Moo and the farmer is losing his patience. He gives Milly Moo a choice – either she starts making milk or she must leave the farm. Young readers will love the story of Chilly Milly Moo, by Fiona Ross. Where do cows go who can’t produce milk? Milly Moo fears she will be sent to a deserted island. One night the temperature drops and something wonderful happens. While the rest of the herd moans and groans about the cold, Milly Moo is transforming into a superstar, er, supercow! Find out what happens when the farmer comes to collect the milk. Readers will find Ross’s illustrations to be hilarious and charming. The facial features of each cow are udderly expressive! When Milly Moo reveals her surprise, her friends are envious. But she proves to them that they are all special, despite their differences. An important lesson for all readers.

Elizabeth Franklin

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