By Jason Chin
Roaring Brook Press, $16.99, 32 pages

Have you ever heard of a city in the sea? If you know about coral reefs, then you are aware of a secret habitat filled with magical wonders. Reefs are home to thousands of plants and animals. Scientists and biologists know that many animals and plants have not yet been discovered. The fascinating mystery surrounding reefs is what draws one little girl to the library in Jason Chin’s newest children’s book, Coral Reefs.

The text is very scientific and full of facts and examples of the animals that inhabit underwater places. Interesting facts about coral reefs are only half of what makes this book so special. Chin’s watercolors of the underwater kingdom appear to be right out of a fantasy story. The beautiful colors whirl and twirl. As the little girl reaches for a book on the library shelf, coral and algae reach for her outstretched hand. Water drips down the pages of the book, foreshadowing a magical trip to the ocean floor. Readers young and old will be transported as the reef takes over the library and waves crash through the windows. This is sure to become a favorite in the home or classroom library.

Kathryn Franklin

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