By Paula Morris
Point, $17.99, 290 pages

Sixteen-year-old Miranda Tennant was devastated when she lost her best friend in a car accident six months ago. Even more shocking was the realization that she can see ghosts. Unable to tell anyone for fear that they will decide she is insane; Miranda keeps her ability a secret – until she meets Nick, a mysterious and dangerous boy, while on a family vacation in York. Relieved that someone else can see ghosts, too, Miranda forms a bond with Nick despite her brother’s objection. As Miranda learns more about Nick’s family and history, though, she discovers that he is embroiled in a scheme that is bigger and more deadly than she could have ever realized.

Dark Souls is a satisfying ghost story and mystery by author Paula Morris. The characters are well-written and realized and the relationship between Miranda and her family feels very genuine and real. In fact, it is refreshing to have a teenage main character who is concerned about what her parents think of her actions. The plot is well laid out and unveils its mysteries slowly and logically. This is a book that will absolutely please fans of young adult fantasy.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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