By Rebecca York
Berkley Sensation, $7.99, 295 pages

Rebecca York’s Dark Warrior is the story of Sophia Thalia and Jason Tyron. As an Ionian Priestess, Sophia must adhere to a specific way of life. The Ionian sisterhood dates back to ancient times when the psychically gifted sisters made a pact with the Minot warriors. But the warriors proved too overbearing and wanted only to dominate the proud sisterhood. Now thousands of years later the sisterhood remains resolute in their hatred of the Minot. Sophia is torn, she has met a Minot warrior, Jason, and finds him compelling. His powerful magnetism calls to her. While trying to protect her sisters and still remain true to herself, Sophia must walk a thin line between love and loyalty.

The Dark Warrior storyline is interesting and had such potential but, unfortunately this novel fails to deliver. Sophia lacks the ability to make a decision and stick to it. She distrusts herself, Jason, and the sisterhood, resulting in a heroine that is a bit irritating. The novel doesn’t fully flesh out Jason’s character; he is merely a bit player in a story about the Ionian Sisterhood. While the intimate scenes should be sizzling hot, they are flat and lifeless. Unless you are a huge Rebecca York fan this is definitely one to skip.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher

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